It seems just yesterday we brought home our first Bernese mountain dog Nutė, now we have a small Berner sennenhund family kennel. Our dogs are our family members, friends and companions. We take them everywhere we go. Our Berners have visited a lot, met many people, been in different situations. We know we can trust them and they trust us.  We love them a lot and try to give them the best life we can.

Why a Bernese mountain dog?

I met my very first Berner when I was a teenager visiting family friends in Germany who owned tender bear named Tedy. This was love at first sight! I promised myself – I will have one of these in my life! I kept a promise to myself and that was be best decision ever! This breed is adorable – amazing temperament, gorgeous looks and big heart <3  Words can’t describe the happiness these dogs bring to your home.

Short kennel history

Bernese mountain dog kennel Arės oktava was born together with our first puppies’ litter L. The purpose of our kennel is to breed dogs that have strong health, amazing Berner temperament and long lifespan. While choosing grooms for our ladies we are taking a deep look to their pedigrees, investigate not only males themselves, but also check their relatives; before mating we try to see the male in live, so that we can decide if the temperament is what we are looking for in Bernese mountain dog. In our opinion, health and temperament play the main role in everyday life 🙂

When we were looking for our first breeding female, we were carefully looking at her parents. We chose a female from Lithuanian Bernese mountain dog kennel. Why? The main reason was because we can see her parents, have contact with them and follow their life. Both of her parents met our expectation not only because of their looks and health, but also because of their strong temperament that goes with their breeding line. Now that we have 3 generations of these lines at home, I can say that temperament stays in the line, this is good as we wanted it to be this way. When I saw Hey (Harmony Duok labas) mother for the first time I felt in love from the first sight – such happy, friendly and eager to please you dog she is! Hey is much of her – she will go with you to the edge of the World through water and fire with hesitation happily waging her tail. She is perfect Berner sennehund – our first breeding female, mother, grandmother and most importantly our best friend! Bernese mountain dog Hey

You can get to know our dogs in detail here.

If you are interested in puppies you can check our puppy section here.

State Food and Veterinary service registration number: LT 77-13-105

Kennel name registration: FCI Nr. 104/13

Bernese mountain dog kennel name sertification

Berners in winter

Berner Lily in winter

Leo and Lily

With Berners Leo and Lily in Latvia

Bernese and winter

Bernese mountain dog in winter in Trakai

Berner Nute in sand

Bernese paws

Bernese Nute in Nida

Sunset in Birstonas

Berner walk

Our Bernese girls by the sea


Berner sennehund Hey in the sea

Our berners

Berner Hey in PalangaUs and our Bernese mountain dog girlsMe and my Berner girls

Bernese mountain dog Nute

Bernese mountain dog Hey

Bernese mountain dogs Nute and Hey

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