A few days in Budapest with boys

It was amazing days in Budapest for us and our boys  (yes, I am crazy ) 3 dogs shows in a row – Cacib, Club show and European dog show Blaze of Glory Arės oktava (Willy Codeli girls × Lily of the Valley from Arės oktava)) for the first time in junior class (yes yes, maybe these shows […]

Winter 2020-2021

 Winter started at the end of November this year for our Bernese mountain dogs when first snow appeared in Lithuania 🙂 Meanwhile Mr Abis (JCH Aba Daba Honeymoon Arės oktava) had swimming lessons: We got greetings from Thora (ZEN SHISEIDO FROM ARES OKTAVA) and Nikki (Leo daughter) <3 Girls were waiting for Christmas and celebrated […]

Great weekend for A litter babies!

Our young boy Aba Daba Honeymoon Arės oktava was amazing this weekend in Kaunas – for the first time in open class being only 15 months old – first day he was ex. 2 from 3 adult males (showing himself very nicely) and on the second day he was ex. 1, LT CAC, W and […]

Visiting Western Lithuania

At the beginning of July we decided to enter our youngsters to the NDS in Jurbarkas, however we not only went to the show, but also spent very nice weekend in Abi home in Ariogala, visited Jurbarkas, met some friends and together traveled trough a couple of Nemunas castles 🙂 Our weekend team – Lily, […]