Winter fun with Bernese!

On the 22nd January 3 Lithuanian kennels – Agros lobis, Dindų vailokas and we – decided to invite Berners and their owners for a walk 🙂 It was great time not only for dogs, but for the owners as well 🙂 Tasted some sticks 😀 taste good!

A few days in Budapest with boys

It was amazing days in Budapest for us and our boys  (yes, I am crazy ) 3 dogs shows in a row – Cacib, Club show and European dog show Blaze of Glory Arės oktava (Willy Codeli girls × Lily of the Valley from Arės oktava)) for the first time in junior class (yes yes, maybe these shows […]

Winter 2020-2021

 Winter started at the end of November this year for our Bernese mountain dogs when first snow appeared in Lithuania 🙂 Meanwhile Mr Abis (JCH Aba Daba Honeymoon Arės oktava) had swimming lessons: We got greetings from Thora (ZEN SHISEIDO FROM ARES OKTAVA) and Nikki (Leo daughter) <3 Girls were waiting for Christmas and celebrated […]